Aided Voyage was a UX UI project I started as a result of talking to Christine Newell who wanted to travel and see new places, while also giving back to the community. 
To make an app that helps people find new opportunities to volunteer their time while seeing the world.
Age: 74
Occupation: Recently Retired
Location: Mid-Michigan
To travel and volunteer more now that she is
retired so she can help those in need while seeing
more of the world. 
- Trouble finding volunteer opportunity
- Doesn’t know where to visit
- Wants to become more involved with the community
It was important when creating the app to consider all the ways a user may want to find different experiences. This is why I chose many different ways of searching whether it was location-based on a map, by the type of volunteering, or both
"I always seem to want to do more than just the opportunities I can find"
From the research, one of the biggest worries when traveling is that the user would forget something they need. That's why It was important to create a section for planning and creating reminders and lists. 
"There has never been a trip that I haven't forgotten something that I meant to pack"
The interviews showed it was common for people to go on these kinds of trips with friends or groups.
This meant it was important to have a way of communication designated to just planning the
trip to make sure everything was clear and
information was accessible.
"I love hearing about new opportunities
from my friends"
After volunteering the app keeps track of all the places the user has donated time. This helps the user feel accomplished for all they have done and look forward to those that come.
"I love gaining new experiences "
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