Cape was a client my partner and I worked with that focused in advancing pharmaceutical practices. Our goal was to expand upon the branding they currently had for their main brand to some of their smaller enterprises as well as create promotional and cohesive touch-points for them and their students to use in the industry.  
To expand on an ever-growing company or brand focusing on promoting learning experiences. ​​​​​​​
My partner and I created a set of brochures that would be used by the CAPE team at varying health events across the country. We focused on a very informational inside to inform about the enterprises while having a fun illustrative outside to engage people in.
These research boards were used for student's projects researching different pharmaceutical uses. My job was to create a system that could be used for varying amounts of research and graphics. I aimed to keep things very flexible with the body of the presentations while still having designated darker sections for the abstracts and the conclusion being the primary read information. 
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